DATABASE SYSTEMS (Principles, Design, & Implementation) Course

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Introductory Database Concepts

  1. Chapter Objectives

In this chapter you will learn

  • how database are used in everyday life
  • characteristics and defects of the traditional file processing environment.
  • how the integrated database environment differs from processing
  • some of the functions of the Database Management System
  • who designs and manages the database
  • several advantages of integrated database
  • several disadvantages of integrated database
  • roles in the integrated database environment
  • how microcomputers fit in the database environment

Examples of Databases

Databases are so widely used today that they can be found in organization of all sizes, ranging from large government agencies such as the internal Revenue Service to small business and homes. Everyday activities often bring you into contact with databases.

When you use a credit card, the sales person usually waits for computer approval of your purchase before you sign your receipt. The approval process involves consulting a database to verify that your card has not been lost or stolen and to find your credit limit, current balance, and amount of purchase already approved.

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