COM (Certificate in Office Management)

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The certificate in office management is the best course for class five student as well as for a highly qualified person to learn computer operating and office management in a very less time. This is the best program to get computer knowledge and to take a step towards advance courses. Housewife and aged people can also enjoy this program and utilize the facilities provided by the computer.

In this course windows operating system is taught, afterwards a word processor, Ms Word for English composing, Ms Excel for Accounts and mathematics works, Ms PowerPoint for Presentation, Internet, Email and Urdu word processor are taught.

Today computer education is so necessary in life that a person without computer education is called ILLITERATE.


  • Basic Concepts of Information Technology
  • Windows 8.1/ 7
  • Ms Word
  • Ms Excel
  • Ms Power Point
  • Internet / E-mail
  • Inpage (Urdu)



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